Flooring Ideas for Your New Bathroom

When designing your new bathroom, you’ll, of course, want your new space to look incredible and function seamlessly. Your choice of flooring is in an integral part of your new space and will impact both the aesthetic of your room and how well it meets your practical demands. To help give you some flooring-related ideas & inspiration, we’ve put together this short guide which outlines some of the different flooring options available and their individual qualities.

Luxurious Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are a great starting point as they are suitable for all bathrooms and come in a huge range of finishes including wood effect, natural stone and patterned. Vinyl tiles have superb water resistance, are warm to the touch and less slippery than many other flooring materials. High-quality vinyl tiles are a world away from the linoleum you might remember from your childhood and can create a beautiful and striking effect in both modern and traditional homes. More affordable than many options and easy to fit, vinyl is a great choice for a family bathroom.

Wood or Wood Effect

The sumptuous natural aesthetic of wood flooring is hugely popular with our clients, looking timeless and sophisticated in both modern and traditional bathrooms. Typically, wood would be a poor choice of bathroom flooring due to its limited water resistance, however, there are some a number of suitable options. Engineered hardwood is a luxurious choice, real wood is treated and layered for a stronger and more durable finished product. Engineered hardwood looks spectacular but does require some care and attention to keep it looking its best. Some brands offer a waterproof range of laminate floors. As mentioned above, vinyl is also a hardwearing choice that can look very effective. These products benefit from being softer and having better grip than natural stone or tiles. Although some of these materials don’t have such good water resistance, they are worth considering as they create a beautiful and natural homely style like nothing else.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a range of designs and finishes and can give a naturalistic and high-quality feel ideal for contemporary and classic styles. Porcelain tiles are the better quality of the two, coming with a larger price tag, though still more affordable than natural stone. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are hard-wearing and water-resistant and offer a more traditional bathroom look. Porcelain tiles are available glazed and unglazed, glazed finishes don’t require sealing however they can chip, unglazed tiles will be less slippery but require more maintenance. Tiles are an excellent choice for a higher quality affordable flooring that gives an elegant and understated style.

Natural Stone

Natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone and slate look completely stunning in any bathroom, traditional or contemporary. The unique details on every slab give a remarkable feel of quality and luxury. The depth of colours and intricate patterns are unlike any other material. They have superb water resistance so make for a very practical bathroom flooring. Of course, natural stones command a high price for good reason, slate is the most affordable. This darker material can create a superb impact although it doesn’t have as much depth as lighter-toned stones. Marble looks breathtakingly elegant and sophisticated in this opulent shower room. Continuing the effect on both walls and floors creates a design statement as well as cleverly making a more diminutive bathroom feel bigger. It is worth considering that, as a natural material, it may need resealing and you must be careful to use delicate cleaning products so as not to cause damage. However, there is nothing like natural stone for creating a real wow factor.

Polished Concrete

A relatively new addition to the bathroom flooring scene, polished concrete is a strong contender, emanating natural stone cost-effectively. It is highly durable and practical and looks elegant and stylish in a modern bathroom. Pair with innovative industrial fixtures and fittings for a minimal cutting-edge look or make the most of the warm monochromatic qualities by including it in a luxurious contemporary design.

Patterned Tiles

Whether you opt for vinyl or ceramic, patterned tiles are an exciting way to add character and detail to a bathroom. With an exceptional diversity of colours and patterns you can perfectly complement your taste and style be it modern or traditional. These larger patterned black and white tiles look absolutely stunning in this deep and sophisticated traditional bathroom. Black and white tiles give a timeless and classy feel whilst coloured tiles are great for injecting personality. Patterned tiles are certainly worth considering for a truly showstopping and unique bathroom.


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